Frequently Asked Question's

Do I top dress or soil condition? 

First lets understand the difference. Top dressing is done by adding a layer of "sand" over the lawn, this is called lawn building, note that sand does not decompose. Lawn building is needed when there are either "pot holes" (small patches of sunken lawn) or there is a major disruption of heights in your lawn and they need to be evened out. Lawn building or top dressing should not be used to just improve the growth of your lawn, as it is sand, and again, sand does not decompose. Lawn building can cause all sorts of problems when mowing especially when their is a major discrepancy in the height of your lawn compared to the footpaths or driveways so it should only be used to fix sunken or pot holed lawns to make them even again to to actually raise the height of your lawns. Soil conditioning  is what we use for most of our lawn problems. it is used to help water absorbtion and build nutrients in the ground so that lawn can grow at its best. Soil conditioner does not contain sand, which as we now know sand can be the reason for our uneven lawns, but instead contains organic matter which breaks down into the ground over time creating a healthy and sustainable soil for your grass or lawn to grow upon as well as helping he dirt underneath to retain water. Most of us in Perth all experience what i like to call "Perth dirt," Water beads on it, lawns turn patchy, and it can be a major headache for most Perth residents, THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED SOIL CONDITIONER and not lawn sand. We can help you make the right decision on what would be your best option when it comes to this so do not hesitate to Contact us and inquire.

Why does the dirt in my garden beds fail to absorb water? 

Your probably suffering from what I call "Perth Dirt" where the dirt contains a high content of fine dust. This dust can usually be seen after you blast water into the dirt and after the water has either evaporated or somehow seeped away after some time you should notice the black sooty looking stuff sitting on the top in a thick gluggly consistency, this black stuff your seeing is what restricts the water from penetrating any further than the first millimeter. To fix this problem you will need to apply some good compost or soil conditioner and possibly some soil wetting agent just to be sure, along with some frequent watering. Frequent composting or soil conditioning will stop this from happening again, or after the initial application of your soil conditioning choice, apply some good quality mulch which will almost certainly prohibit any "Perth Dirt" from returning to your garden beds any time soon. 

When do I need to fertilize?

Fertilizing seems to be one of the more unknown concepts familiar to people when it comes to timing. For optimum growth and sustainability i would advise fertilization every 3-4 months with an organic fertilizer. We can supply and apply this for you upon request.

How often should I mow my lawns? 

depending on how fast your lawn grows and the type of lawn you have and the season, it could vary from 1 week to every 4 weeks, and sometimes more. Most of our clients usually stick with a 3-4 week Lawn Mowing service. Remember that frequent Lawn Mowing increases growth. The height of your lawn should not get to long before your next mow as it may burn in the hotter weather and leave those unsightly yellow patches. We understand Lawn mowing can be tedious for some owners, tenants and even businesses, and that is where we come in. With our Lawn Mowing Services, we are able to maintain the height and quality of your lawns so you don't have to. We tailor all sorts of care plans adjusted to your needs so feel free to contact us and see what we can do for you.

Is it too late to mulch in the summer?

The answer is no. Mulching around your plants and trees is the best way to save money on water in the long run, not to mention the burden of weed infestation. As the sun beams down on the ground, its causes water to evaporate from the surface. Mulching will help stop water from evaporating by creating a barrier between the soil and the sun. Mulching also aids in conditioning the soil underneath the mulch, allowing micro-organisms survive and break down the decomposing mulch creating a self made soil conditioner which will hold water for much longer and feed your plants all year round. Be careful not to mulch too close to your plants though as this may suffocate them. Also note that cheap mulch can restrict water absorbtion so it is wise to choose a good quality mulch, i find eucalyptus to be by far one of the best mulches i have used, although it can be a bit harder to find in some cases ,and can be quite pricey, none the less the quality is amazing. We can supply and supply mulch on request, we will need to view your property for a measure up in most cases though. Mulching is not ideal for root growing vegetables due to the chances of rotting due to heavy moisture retention underneath the mulch, just saying. 

For more information on Mulching please visit this better homes and gardens webpage which has more details on types of mulches for different types of gardens.

When and why should I aerate my lawns? 

Aeration is used to allow air flow into the soil underneath the lawns. Aeration is done either by machinery (a cylinder with steel prongs) or something as simple as a pad with spikes that clip onto the bottom of our shoes and you just walk around your lawn. these spikes platforms can be brought from most of your garden hardware stores. Aeration should be done approximately 2-3 times a year. Aeration helps to break down thatch underneath your lawn which is caused by compaction. Compaction is usually caused in high traffic areas which inhibits micro-organisms. Micro-organisms are what break down thatch underneath your lawns and help the absorbtion of water and nutrients to penetrate deep down into the soil. Aeration will solve these issues of thatch buildup and help stop that water from beading up on top of your lawns, apply some soil conditioner and you have a recipe for Lawn Rehabilitation. We can also provide this service so don't forget to ask next time you contact us.